The tonfa's use came from being the handle for a millstone grinder and was a very effective weapon for defense. It could be twirled by the handle or flipped upside down to be use for hooking a weapon and then striking with the grip-head. The tonfa has been adapted by law enforcement in the form of the PR-24 however, creators of this adaptation claim that it has no tie to the tonfa. Interesting that one of the creators, before he was in law enforcement, was a marine and spent time on the island of Okinawa.
Correct size is critical for the maximum performance from the tonfa.

The hand size can be taken by grasping a ruler or yard stick in the palm of the hand. The zero mark of the measuring should be on the pinky finger side of the hand. Read the distance to the other side of the hand and subtract 1/8”.
This is the hand measurement.

The elbow length is obtained by making a fist and measuring from the center of the fist to the tip of the elbow and add 1”(standard for most systems).

Round Body Tonfa
Wedge Body Tonfa
Tapered Body Tonfa
(tuifa, tonkwa)
We offer 2 standard sizes as well as custom sizing. There is no extra fee for custom sizes.
Large  L = 14"          H = 3-3/4"
Small  L = 12-1/4"    H = 3-1/4"

If ordering a custom size please specify the length dimension
followed by the hand dimension as shown above.
North American Hardwoods
Starting at $85.00

Exotic Hardwoods
Starting at $110.00

1/2 Round Tapered Tonfa
1/2 Round Straight Tonfa
Rectangular Body Tonfa