" I have trained Okinawan Kobudo for over thirty years and have tried many decent products. These are of the finest quality I have had the disctinct pleasure to use. Exceptional balance, precision and a geniune feel for the rare art of true Okinawan Kobudo." I would recommend Shushin Kobudo to the serious practitioner of Okinawa Kobudo.

-Neil Stolsmark, 8th Dan

President, Okinawa Kobudo Doushi Rensei-kai
“What a luxury it was for me to sample so many weapons from Shushin Kobudo during the 2015 Butokukan Gasshuku weekend. The craftsmanship and attention to detail, the feel and balance of the bo and nunchaku felt really good. I fell in love with a pair of cocobolo kama and found a pair of Tekko that fit my hands right on the spot. I highly recommend Shushin Kobudo weapons to anyone who trains in authentic Okinawan kobudo or anyone who’s looking for great crafted kobudo weapons period.”

Andre Tippett
Uechi-Ryu karatedo
Yamanni-Ryu kobudo