One of the more unusual and little known weapons employed in Ryukyu Kobudo are the tekko(also known as tikko Okinawa dialect. The tekko can be roughly equated with what is commonly referred to as “knuckle duster” in the west.
Tekko Style A
Tekko Style D
Style A Sizing
To size take a thin strip of paper. And wrap it around your middle finger twice (not tight).
Using a felt tip pen, hold the point on the paper for 5 seconds so the ink has time to penetrate all the way through the paper. Unwind the paper. Measure the distance from the first dot to the second dot. This is the number you will use when ordering.
If you have knuckle problems or enlargements please measure the largest part of the finger.

Styles D Sizing
The hand size can be taken by grasping a ruler or yard stick in the palm of the hand. The zero mark of the measuring should be on the pinky finger side of the hand. Read the distance to the other side of the hand and subtract 1/8”. This is the hand measurement.

Style A is made of 3/4" Thick Material
Style D is made of 1/2", 3/4" or 1-1/8" Thick Material

Style A Standard Sizes:
Large – 7-3/4” long, 1” diameter finger hole
Medium – 7-1/2” long, 7/8” diameter finger hole
Small – 7-1/4” long, ¾” diameter finger hole

Custom sizes are available upon request
(See sizing)

$40.00 PER PAIR
All Tekko are laminated.
Choose 1 wood type or mix them up.
the choice is yours.