Still used in the Dragon Boat Races in Okinawa, the eku is another weapon that is truly an Okinawan treasure. Used in a similar manner as the bo, the eku employs the use of cutting with the edge of the blade and the thrusting of the saki or tip. One commonly used technique is the throwing of sand into the eyes of an opponent. In some kata, such as Akahachi no eku, there is a kicking of sand with the feet followed by a reverse strike with the butt of the oar. Legend has it that this weapon was used against attackers by fisherman and was effective against the katana.
Standard sizes:
5'- 6"  -  1-1/4" Diameter Handle
5'- 6"  -  1-1/8" Diameter Handle
5'- 0"  -  1" Diameter Handle

Custom Lengths Available.
End View 1
End View 2
North American Hardwood - Starting at $110.00
Exotic Hardwood - Starting at $165.00

Starting prices based on  5'-6" length
Add $15-$20 for any length over 5'-6".