The Bo is considered to be the quintessential Okinawan weapon and has varying lengths from six to nine feet in length. The Rokushaku-bo (6 foot staff) is the weapon used most commonly and is extremely effective due to length and maneuverability. One can see a great deal of links in the movements within Kata to empty-hand methods and a concrete understanding of karate helps the techniques with the Bo.
Standard Size:
1-1/8" Diameter Round
1-1/8" Octagonal

Optional Sizes for any length:
1" Diameter Round
1" Octagonal
1-1/4" Diameter Round
1-1/4" Octagonal

Standard Lengths:
5'- 6"
Any length to suit.
North American Hardwood
   5'        Starting at $60.00
   5'- 6"   Starting at $65.00
   6'        Starting at $75.00
Exotic Hardwood
5'        Starting at $95.00
  5'- 6"  Starting at $100.00
  6'       Starting at $110.00
$10.00 for anything over 6'
North American & Exotic