Greetings! Welcome to Shushin Kobudo.

   My name is David Williams, and I have been a hobbyist woodworker for more years than I have been practicing and studying the martial arts. I started my karate training in Kobayashi Shorin-Ryu karate in 1992 and trained for 12 years under Sensei Vernon Mason, rokudan. I received my shodan in August of 1996 and currently hold the rank of godan/5th degree black belt. I have been training under Sensei John Spence(nanadan, Shorin-Ryu Butokukan) since April of 2004.

   In 2010 I founded Shushin Kobudo with the great support and backing of Sensei Spence. I had made many weapons and given them to the yudansha at the dojo for birthday and Christmas presents. Sensei always liked what he saw and kept encouraging me to start my own company. He felt that my knowledge of woodworking along with my passion for karate would make a very good combination. I think that he was right.
My goal has been to put a well made product on the market at a reasonable price.
I encourage you try my

David Williams